Garden Shoots

I’ve observed gardens in many ways, but two views predominate – through my camera lens, or on my knees. Close-up, or big picture. Either way I am thinking of views, looking to get it right for the viewer or the garden owner.

Why “Garden Shoots”? It’s a double-duty moniker. I design gardens for a living, and I photograph them (and other subjects) for pleasure and as a freelance photographer. I’ve learned that each activity enhances the other. So I’m here to share what I’ve learned in both spheres with you, and hope you’ll enjoy what I have to offer.

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One Comment on “Garden Shoots”

  1. Elizabeth Reed Says:


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and images. I’ve been meaning to get to the High-Line. Your pictures are wonderful and give a much better sense of plants than any others I’ve seen.

    I also enjoy seeing the plantings at Rockefeller Center, especially the way you framed the shot with the taller trees to either side.

    I’ve been transitioning careers over the last few years, from a Gallery Owner to Garden Designer. I also use my camera both for documentation of plants as well as capturing views and beautiful discoveries in both my gardens and clients’ gardens.

    It’s a challenge to find mentors, colleagues, and associates as a garden designer, in a business where I work mostly by myself, so finding your blog is very exciting!

    I’m inspired to go out and shoot my clients gardens under snow cover today.

    I’m experimenting with the Droid’s 5pxl camera with some added on apps, including a primitive photoshop app, but so far not ready to give up raw with my Nikon.

    Thanks for the blog!

    Liz Reed
    Elizabeth Reed Garden Design
    Pittsburgh, Pa.

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