Sweet Amaryllis

Every year for Christmas, a friend from Los Angeles sends me an amaryllis from White Flower Farms. While I have a decent track record for keeping most plants in my own garden alive, indoors my thumb is not green. But it’s hard to fail with this plant. All I have to do is provide it with water (not too much), stake it up as it starts to grow, and step back and admire. Most of the amaryllis she has so kindly sent over the years have been beautiful, but last year’s offering was truly spectacular. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Amaryllis ‘Monaco.’

By the time this beauty was in full bloom, I was dying to get out my macro lens. Photographing flowers close up is difficult outdoors, what with wind, lighting issues, and finding a specimen that hasn’t been nibbled on by various insects or damaged by some kind of leaf or petal blight. Here, however, was perfection. What I really wanted to capture was the velvety texture of the red petals, the Christmas-y juxtaposition of the green throat against the red blossoms, and the flawless line of the stamens. The single white stamen tip positioned just inside one of the petals was the icing on the cake.

This ‘Monaco’ is royalty indeed. Hope you enjoy the view.

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