NYC Through a New Lens

On Halloween weekend 2009, I visited a close friend who had recently moved to New York City. I hadn’t been to the Big Apple in eons, and fretted about such important things as not looking like a country bumpkin (Suzanne is always beautifully turned out, even in her most casual togs) and – more critically – whether to spring for a new point-and-shoot camera so as not to have to drag my beloved but bulky Nikon D300 along. I couldn’t bear the prospect of spending a weekend in New York, so full of photographic opportunities, and being forced to rely solely on my iPhone, excellent though it is for a smartphone camera.

A week before the trip, I bit the bullet and bought a Canon G11, the newest in that company’s top-of-the-line point-and-shoot models. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Nikon devotee through and through, but I think Canon’s compact cameras are better quality. Although I am still working on mastering the different control interface on the G11, its ability to capture RAW images as well as its reputation for less noisy photos than earlier models persuaded me it was the right choice.

While none of the photos I took will win any prizes, having the G11 allowed me to get lots of images without feeling like having a camera was getting in the way of experiencing the weekend with my friend. On the whole, I was happy with the results. Where it struggled most, not surprisingly, was in capturing night scenes far away, like the iconic Chrysler building.  (For the techies among you, all of these were shot either on full automatic mode or on a “landscape” setting. I did a minimal amount of post-processing work in Photoshop CS3 to resize them for this blog post). To see a  larger version of any photo, simply click on it.

Next post: Visiting the High Line.

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3 Comments on “NYC Through a New Lens”

  1. Desiree Says:

    Thank you for being the first to comment on my blog. It’s so nice to get feedback.

    I can’t wait to read your post about the High Line. I’ve been reading about it in pubs but have not been able to visit yet.

    Love your blog, great concept!

  2. MacGardens Says:

    I added a G11 to my cameras last October for a trip to Turkey and did not regret it. I found the ability to take good quality photos in low light was a real gamesaver in places where flash was just not appropriate or desirable. While it will never replace the SLR for bird pictures, just the convenience for a walk around the garden is really nice.

  3. Melissa Says:

    Yes, I’m already using it a great deal in my day-to-day work in garden design. Next trip it will take is in February to California when I visit my son for a few days. I do like this camera.

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