Longwood’s October Glories

Last weekend I was at the Chanticleer Master Garden Photography Workshop in Wayne, PA.  On my way there, I spent a little time at Longwood Gardens. In early October, it’s a bit soon for mums to be in peak form in the Conservatories, but I explored the Children’s Garden and found a couple of other shots worth sharing.

Longwood’s renowned Chrysanthemum Festival doesn’t start until November 1st (check out this amazing YouTube video about how a “Thousand Bloom” plant is produced. Yoko Awakara, the artist at Longwood in charge of this undertaking, was in my photography class at Chanticleer this year. She could be heard muttering, “I should be at Longwood . . .”) Nonetheless, there were chrysanthemums in the Conservatories,

Longwood Gardens

Orange mums and grasses

Longwood Gardens, Conservatories

Solidago in a Conservatory container, with a haze of chrysanthemums and grasses behind.


as well as outdoors.


Longwood Gardens, Flower Garden Walk

Pink mums will soon bloom, setting off other annuals in the Flower Garden Walk.

I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the spaces looked, even in the in-between season of not-quite-true-fall that early October represents. Longwood is always full of well-composed scenes for the visitor and photographer, like those above, and these sights in the central Conservatory area.

Longwood Garden, Conservatory

A group of chairs await visitors in the Conservatory.

Longwood Gardens, Conservatory

More solidago, this time in a container with a tiered design.

To be honest, while I love photographing scenes like these, it was in the Children’s Garden in the Conservatory that I had the most fun. I’ll leave you with two images of innovative ways water features have been worked into what is a very compact space, to delight visitors young and old.

Longwood Garden, Children's Garden

Near the entrance to the Children's Garden, jets of water dart across a mural at intervals.

Longwood Gardens, Children's Garden

A pair of sculptured birds "blow bubbles" in this fountain every thirty or forty seconds.

Note: This weekend, Longwood is opening its new East Conservatory Plaza and the world’s “largest green wall.” For more information, check out Jane Berger’s post on Garden Design Online. Yet another reason to plan a visit there!

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