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Broughton Castle

October 2, 2010

I was digging through my stash of scanned photos from my English gardens trip the other day and stumbled across some from Broughton Castle, which I wanted to share with those of you who might not have heard of it.

Broughton Castle is still the home of Lord and Lady Saye and Sele, who have furnished some of its 16th-century bedrooms with pieces of contemporary furniture. Their ancestors were Roundheads in England’s Civil War, but opposed the King’s execution – so their lands were returned to them when Charles II returned to the throne. Chances are, you have seen Broughton’s  Great Hall without realizing it – because it was used in filming the scene from the film “Shakespeare in Love” in which Viola de Lessops (Gwyneth Paltrow) dances with the young Shakespeare (in other words, it stands in for her family home – not too shabby).

This garden sticks in my mind, perhaps, because it was here it occurred to me for the first time that I might actually be interested in planting roses in my garden, something I  had previously dismissed as way too much trouble. But seeing the profusion of roses growing in borders,

Broughton Castle

Roses next to the entry to a walled garden at Broughton Castle.

Broughton Castle

Another part of the Long Border outside the walled garden

over walls, and in the Ladies’ Garden (see below), I started thinking more positively.

Broughton Castle, Ladies Garden, English gardens

The walled garden on the south side of Broughton Castle, known as the Ladies' Garden, was established in the 1880s on the site of the sixteenth century kitchen. The fleur de lys beds are planted with Rose 'Heritage' and Rose 'Gruss an Aachen'.

Lady Saye and Sele, who was actually grubbing around in the garden with nary a gardener in sight the day we visited, was sighing over some David Austin roses which she felt weren’t doing well. Someone had told her that because the existing roses were diseased, she would have to replace the soil before she could plant more roses. I quickly resolved that any roses I planted would get one, and only one, chance since soil replacement wasn’t something to which I wanted to devote precious gardening time.

Broughton Castle

The gardens at Broughton Castle were originally designed by the American designer Lanning Roper.

The borders outside the castle walls were really stunning. But it was the views from the castle’s Tower which took my breath away.

Broughton Castle

What a great job with mowing the lawn! Love those stripes.

Posted from Wayne, Pennsylvania, where I am taking part in the annual Master Garden Photography workshop this weekend with Roger Foley & Alan Detrick. I promise a longer post next week!

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