Foothill Contemporary

“Foothill Contemporary” was the tag line used to identify another “marquee garden” included on our APLD conference tour in the San Francisco Bay area in September. The description was just about perfect. Designed by Bernard Trainor & Associates, this garden has been featured in any number of magazines and books. Understated in its plantings and simple but impressive use of low-cost hardscape materials (concrete, gravel, and stone), this garden was one of my favorites. I wish the sun had been less glaring, but it was a privilege to visit regardless of how challenging this garden was to photograph.

In planning this post, I came across a wonderful article from a 2007 issue of Fine Gardening Magazine featuring photos of Trainor’s gardens and an interview with him. In it, he speaks about negative spaces and how he strives for simplicity without being a minimalist. To read more about his vision, and to see a photograph of this particular garden at night, click here.

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6 Comments on “Foothill Contemporary”

  1. susan greif Says:

    Interesting, as usual, Melissa. How nice to have glaring sunshine as a problem, I guess. That wall hanging is esp. intriguing.

  2. Jude PM Says:

    The wall hanging is actually a habitat wall sculpture by Kevin Smith – to attract bees, birds and bugs! Read more at this link to Flora Grubb:

    • Melissa Says:

      Can’t thank you enough for the information and the link! Flora Grubb’s shop was our first stop on the conference tour – perhaps there was one of these sculptures around and I missed it.

  3. Diana Carter Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this garden. I love it. And I really enjoyed the Fine Gardening article you shared in the link.

  4. Tom Says:

    These photo’s are stunning, I love how your garden is laid out and all the contrasting colours that make it stand out. Thank you for the gardening article as well, very insightful.

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