Vegetable Gardening with a Master

Rosalind Creasy is known nationally and internationally for her inspired landscape designs that use herbs and vegetables ornamentally. So it was a special treat to be given a private tour of her home garden during the APLD conference in the Bay Area last fall. Creasy explained how finding substitutes for more traditional plants (e.g., rosemary shrubs for boxwoods or other low evergreen hedging material) enabled her to win over her neighbors – and at the same time the design world – in her early years working in the garden. Now she lives in a residential neighborhood in the Bay Area with chicken coops in the front yard and edible plants framed within  more traditional settings – patios and arbors, raised planting beds and “parterres” of rosemary.

In our mid-Atlantic region, there is a renewed interest in raising vegetables in our gardens, so having the opportunity to see Creasy’s home garden was an inspiration. (OK, so rosemary shrubs would be a bit of a stretch here. But her encouragement to the designers on our tour to search out heirloom vegetables and think outside the box was wonderful). For more information about Creasy’s books, a link to her blog, and lots of useful advice about vegetable gardening, check out her website.

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4 Comments on “Vegetable Gardening with a Master”

  1. Liz Reed Says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing this. I’m enjoying rosemary hedges and shrubs in Florida, but lavendar won’t grow, althought here is a sea lavendar thats quite pretty.
    I saw a lovely asparagus hedge either at Longwood or Chanticleer, or was it Lewis Gintner Gardens? I was remarkably orderly for a

    • Melissa Says:

      I’ll bet that asparagus hedge was at Chanticleer, in the Cutting
      Garden. I have a photo of it somewhere. Gorgeous to photograph, probably even better to enjoy its final stages!

  2. gnatseyeview Says:

    So beautiful! This garden is made of many things, none more than love.

  3. That’s a great looking garden and full of great veg as well, thanks for posting

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