The Luminous Lotus

With my computer still out of commission, here’s an encore appearance of another one my favorite posts. Hope you enjoy seeing these lotus photos again.

Garden Shoots

Lotus plants (Nelumbo nucifera) fascinate me both as a landscape designer and a photographer. They start blooming in mid-summer just when you would give your right arm for something new to unfold in the garden. And they arise out of muck and mud, looking pristine and otherworldly at the same time. The Confucian scholar Zhou Duryi once said, “I love the lotus because while growing from mud, it is unstained.”

Did you know that a lotus’s flowers, seeds, young leaves and rhizomes are all edible? (Thank you, Wikipedia.) You may have seen the dried cups, below, used in flower arrangements.

The tightly-furled buds of the flowers are magnificent,

as are the backlit leaves when the photographer gets lucky.

Lotus flowers can range from 4 to 12 inches when open.

Once fully open, their seed heads are bright yellow with tiny hairs that attract bees and other insects almost…

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2 Comments on “The Luminous Lotus”

  1. arjungabriel Says:

    So lovely, the color of Lotus are so soothing alongwith the green leaves. Thank you

  2. John Says:

    I love lotus, they are so beautiful and unique.

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