American University’s Summer Look

Last week, on my way to LPI from an early client appointment, I made a quick pit stop at American University’s campus. Although this time of year there are fewer students in residence than usual, the plantings, designed by AU’s resident Landscape Architect H. Paul Davis and his colleagues, looked stunning. I wanted to share a few with you, taken with my Canon G11, before I take August off to re-charge my creative juices. (I’ll also be getting to know my new computer, which finally arrived this week after the old one died over four weeks ago.)

So enjoy the photos, and take a trip to AU (4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW in the District) if you’re in the area.


Garden Shoots will be on vacation until September. See you then!

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3 Comments on “American University’s Summer Look”

  1. willisjww Says:

    Hi Melissa, enjoyed the pictures but I’m wondering why they display so small. It makes it tough to see the details. I could make out the Persicaria though. We’re still weeding out the remains of that planting last year. It’s a real pest.

    • Melissa Says:

      John, the WordPress theme I use restricts the maximum width of the images I post to 450 pixels. I’ll check the size of the verticals later today in case the Lightoom settings I used shrank them.more than I intended. The horizontals, however, are probably sized correctly (but I’ll check those too). Thanks for the question.

      Sent from my iPad

      • Melissa Says:

        John, I checked and the verticals were sized a little too small so I’ve changed them. Hope this is better, and thanks for the catch!

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