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Longwood, Take Two

November 22, 2013

As readers of my last post know, I had a small mishap when I visited Longwood Gardens in early October – my Nikon D600 and its 16-35mm f/4 lens refused to part company easily after about an hour into my trip. So for the remaining three hours I used my iPhone 5 with various apps (primarily Camera+ and Pro HDR) to take photos. You can see those here.

Then I headed home – only to have a much bigger mishap in the form of my car’s fuel pump giving out. Long story short, I ended up renting a car about thirty minutes south of Longwood while the car sat in a garage awaiting for a new Subaru fuel pump to arrive and be installed.

So the next Tuesday, I returned to Kennett Square before picking up the car and took along my D300 because the D600 and lens had been shipped off to Nikon for de-coupling.  I really missed the full-frame aspect, but the D300 is a trooper and I came back with some good shots. Here’s a sampling of them, and yes, I will take a DSLR over my iPhone any day when I’m after seriously good images. . .

Longwood via iPhone

November 8, 2013

In early October, my camera club organized a field trip to Longwood Gardens. I had agreed to co-lead the trip, after having helped with a presentation on garden photography the previous month. Since I hadn’t been to Longwood in a while, I was looking forward to photographing its early-fall glories with my new D600. That lasted for about an hour after we arrived. Then calamity struck. The wide-angle lens I was using turned recalcitrant and wouldn’t detach from the camera.

So for the rest of the day, I used my iPhone. I can’t claim these are terrific images, but once again it had become the best camera I had with me (since I’d foolishly forgotten to bring my D300 as a backup body).

Next time there will be D300 photos from a return trip I made a week later (for reasons too sad and banal to bother with here). But for now, enjoy the iPhone 5 images.

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