Longwood via iPhone

In early October, my camera club organized a field trip to Longwood Gardens. I had agreed to co-lead the trip, after having helped with a presentation on garden photography the previous month. Since I hadn’t been to Longwood in a while, I was looking forward to photographing its early-fall glories with my new D600. That lasted for about an hour after we arrived. Then calamity struck. The wide-angle lens I was using turned recalcitrant and wouldn’t detach from the camera.

So for the rest of the day, I used my iPhone. I can’t claim these are terrific images, but once again it had become the best camera I had with me (since I’d foolishly forgotten to bring my D300 as a backup body).

Next time there will be D300 photos from a return trip I made a week later (for reasons too sad and banal to bother with here). But for now, enjoy the iPhone 5 images.

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8 Comments on “Longwood via iPhone”

  1. However you took them. . . they are gorgeous!

    I have got to do a gardens road trip to Pennsylvania one day and see Longwood, Chanticleer, and Bartram’s.

  2. Lynley Says:

    We were there in March and saw entirely different plants, which is part of what makes the place so amazing. Thanks for sharing these lovely pics.

    • Melissa Says:

      Yes, they change the conservatory plantings in particular with the seasons. Right now they are in the “Festival of Mums” celebration. On my reurn trip the week after these were taken, I saw a volunteer dead-heading some of the annuals who said in a few days they would be ripping a lot of them out to make room for the mums. Must cost a fortune.

  3. willisjw Says:

    Melissa, I’m sure you took these pictures just to make me regret not having gone on this trip. It is amazing what the iPhone can accomplish on a moment’s notice. It’s tempting to think that it suffices and then you go back and take the same picture with an SLR and son-of-a-gun there is a reason why we lug those big things around…

  4. Theresa Doherty Says:

    I visited Longwood many years ago and found it incredibly inspirational. I have been to many public gardens since then and nothing else comes close. The variety of plant material and the way they combine it is truly gorgeous. And your Iphone photos are great! I just picked up a Canon Rebel and I am overwhelmed by all the bells and whistles. But after seeing your Iphone photos I will have to reconsider dragging it all over the place. Thanks so much for showing them to us. I’m going to grab Camera+ right now!

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