Garden Spots in Havana

A couple of weeks ago, I returned from a week in Cuba with the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. I went to see Cuba before (as one of our group members put it)  “there’s a Starbucks on every corner.” It was an incredible trip, and I’m already planning to return next year if I can.

I didn’t go to photograph gardens, and the photos I took for the most part fell into other themes – architecture, people, cultural events, and the city itself. More of those images later. But to my surprise, there were plants and parks everywhere. Plants on balconies in pots. Lushly planted pocket/plaza parks. Bougainvillea growing up the sides of buildings. And in some cases, ferns sprouting out of cracks in the facades of some of the older, crumbling  but still magnificent edifices that serve as businesses or in-town tenement apartments. While I work on my other images (too many!), here are a few photos of green spaces in Havana.

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12 Comments on “Garden Spots in Havana”

  1. Great photos Melissa. These photos of fading glory can be sad, but the patina can also be very emotive. I haven’t been to Cuba, but when I picture it, your photos are what I see. ~ James

  2. Laurie T Says:

    The thought of starbucks on every corner makes me sick (but is this tru???), but I love your photos and look forward to more. Cuba is a leader in organic agriculture. If you caught some of that please show.

  3. Beautiful. Havana is very romantic. I got married there in ’85; it was crumbling then too.

  4. abigirlxx Says:

    These photos are beautiful!

  5. sarah Says:

    Can’t wait to see more photos of Cuba. I’d love to go.

    I recently discovered Cuba has a strong graphic arts tradition (or did) that can be seen in their posters for movies, political statement, music and other cultural events from the 30s through the 60s and 70s. There’s a guy at the Georgetown Flea Market who sells them, and I then discovered books about the artists. They are quite beautiful. I bought several music oriented-posters for my husband and, of course, Cuba has wonderful musical traditions too. Anyway, I mention as you are obviously interested in visual art…. This discovery for me was one more reason to visit.

    I look forward to more scenes of Havana.

    • Melissa Says:

      Sarah, this is fascinating. I did see lots of interesting street art/murals etc. in Havana. Interest in the arts is widespread, and Cubans can attend music and dance performances at very low ticket costs (on the other hand, their monthly incomes are in the $15-20 range – plus a rice and beans ration – according to our official government guide). My next post will probably be about the dance and music events we saw and were able to photograph – thanks for the inspiration!

    • Melissa Says:

      Virginia, thanks for stopping by. So glad you enjoyed the photos. Looking forward to sharing more of the Cuba trip, although with different kinds of photos.

  6. Great photos Melissa! I love those plants hanging from the buildings! So neat looking.

  7. willisjw Says:

    The colors are marvelous. I can see the island crawling with photographers before long…

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