High Summer at the US Botanic Garden

In late August, I took a personal field trip to the US Botanic Garden, located on The Mall in downtown DC. It had been a while since I visited. The National Garden has grown in since its early days and was the site of lots of cleanup work the day I was there, so I didn’t photograph it. But the areas around the entrance to the building were awash with beautiful, full late-summer plantings, both in beds and containers, including those planted as an extension of the garden’s “Amber Waves of Grain” exhibit  (which remains up through October 13).  Hope you enjoy the photos!

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3 Comments on “High Summer at the US Botanic Garden”

  1. Thanks for posting. The botanic garden always does a great job with their gardens! And you should have photographed the cleanup in progress! It is always interesting to see people working in the garden to get it looking that good.

    • Melissa Says:

      They were actually in the process of some construction/renovation work on one of the outdoor spaces, with orange cones scattered everywhere, so not the greatest photo op. But I hear you!

  2. Bert Cregg Says:

    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. the Botanic Garden is like a hidden oasis on the Mall. I wonder how many tourists visit DC and never realize it’s there.

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