October at Longwood – Part 1

Last week a fellow photographer and I took a day trip up to Longwood Gardens. From where we live it’s less than two and half hours’ drive, so we got up early and were at the doors when they opened.

Longwood Gardens

Seasonal plantings – including ‘towers’ of mini-pumpkins – welcome visitors to Longwood Gardens in October.

We were there to explore the new Meadow Garden (the subject of my next post) and see what the Flower Garden Walk and conservatories had to offer before the Chrysanthemum Festival kicks off on October 25th.

The day was beautiful – a virtually cloudless sky and pleasant temperatures. Which meant NOT a good day for trying to photograph the gardens where sunlight was involved. Even with a polarizer, we struggled. Longwood doesn’t allow anyone in before 9 am, and so lovely, soft early morning light wasn’t an option.

We did the best we could, and had a good time. Here are the best shots I could get. Next post – the Meadow Garden.


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10 Comments on “October at Longwood – Part 1”

  1. Lucia Goldman Says:

    Melissa, your images are beautiful! You are such a great inspiration to me. I have been taking a sabbatical from photography, but images like yours do propel me to go back to shooting. I thank you!

  2. As I look at these photographs, these gardens, these plants…I wonder if you or any of your readers get a feeling, almost a smell of excellent maintenance? A garden which has all of its plants in good health at least gives off a special aura.

    I get that from your fine photos. Thank you for sharing them.

    • Melissa Says:

      The maintenance staff at Longwood is unrivaled. I’ve never visited when everything didn’t look perfectly deadheaded and cared for. A very perceptive comment!

  3. Jody Block Says:

    Beautiful photos Melissa, even if you didn’t get the really soft early light. I’m delighted to have the chance to see a garden during Autumn that I’ve only seen in summer.

  4. Todd Pope Says:

    Great photos, Melissa. Takes me back… I was lucky enough to do my internship at Longwood Gardens back in the 80’s and even lived on the grounds. We tended the topiaries, harvested veggies, changed out the annuals (monthly, mind you!) and even assisted in the chrysanthemum bonsai that will be on display again later this month. After work, we had free range of the grounds which meant endless exploring, swimming in the fountains and hiding in the tower. You’ll never appreciate the fountain display more than watching it from the top of the Conservatory accompanied by the 1812 Overture and 4th of July fireworks! Those were great times. Thanks for taking me down Memory Lane.

    • Melissa Says:

      Wow, thank you for sharing your memories! When we visited, I did see some staff members on the top of the Conservatories checking out something up there – and though it would be a great vantage point for watching the water gardens. Must have been fun being able to be there ‘after hours.’ Such a beautiful place to work!

  5. Ruth Rogers Clausen Says:

    Longwood never ceases to amaze. It’s standard of horticultural excellence is unrivaled in this country, enabled of course by countless professional staff (probably fewer than in the past). A place to observe, to learn, to enjoy, and to appreciate what we have inherited from a philanthropist shared our striving for beauty.

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