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Two Hours in Central Park

September 20, 2014

Several weekends ago, I took a road trip to New Jersey and Connecticut to see some gardens through the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days program. But the first stop was an overnight in New York City, courtesy of the mother-in-law of a friend I was traveling with. We only had a couple of hours Friday afternoon after we arrived, but we wandered over to Central Park, and my camera’s memory card started filling up fast.

Central Park Mall, American elms

The Mall, Central Park’s widest pedestrian pathway, is also one of its most-photographed features. Avenues of American elms grace its perimeters.

I haven’t been to Central Park in many years, and certainly not since I was trained as a landscape designer. So when we paused to enjoy the Mall (previously called the Promenade), I was ignorant of its significance. But I recognized the huge, mature trees as American Elms (confirmed by some discreet signs) and marveled at the landscape view they provided. Apparently they are one of the Park’s horticultural treasures, and great care is being taken to preserve and care for them.

Steps from the Mall, we saw the Boathouse and lake, a wedding party, bubble blowing, a couple dancing for a photographer, and bikes whizzing by. We heard a young woman singing opera underneath the steps leading down to the lake, and saw a young man who could have stepped out of a Renaissance painting walking slowly as he was photographed by a friend (not to mention by me). Central Park is full of wonders, and this Friday afternoon was no exception.

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